My Life In Books: The Mr Men

I was very pleased to discover that Roger Hargreaves’ classic series is still in print. Each one of his ‘Mr Men’ books featured a character with one major, largely negative, trait. Most of the books were cautionary tales, where the character was generally shown the error of his ways and learned to let go of this negative trait, but not always. I remember the story of Mr Nosey, for example. In spite of his nosiness, Mr Nosey was well liked and had a lot of friends. They throw him a surprise birthday party, luring him into the party venue with carefully orchestrated deliveries of mysterious boxes in unmarked vans, knowing that Mr Nosey won’t be able to resist investigating.

The ‘Little Miss’ series came a bit later, and I was a bit too old to get into them, so my lasting memories are of the ‘Mr Men’. My favourite book was ‘Mr Messy’. I was a rather messy child, and so this character I identified with the most. In fact, as I’m still characteristically untidy, I still identify with him. Mr Bump came in at a close second. I was, and remain, something of a klutz.

Roger Hargreaves’ books are timeless classics, easy to read with characters that children today can still identify with. They have been universally loved by generations of children.


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  1. Anne E. Johnson on

    I didn’t realize these were still in print, either! Thanks for reminding me of the Mr Men.

  2. Michelle Moores on

    Still very popular – go out of the library a lot! However, have you seen the televised Mr Men on C5 in their children’s ‘Milkshake’ morning schedule? I’m guessing you won’t have – don’t bother, it’s awful! Nothing like the originals. Mr Hargreaves would be turning in his grave!

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