Autumn Brings Zombies?

My obsession with ‘Resident Evil 4’ has been well documented. This is a game I keep returning to, over and over again. I’m not actually very good at computer games that require target skills. I am a lousy shot and have poor manual dexterity. So I keep playing this game over and over again, firstly because I do really enjoy it, and secondly, when I play a game knowing what’s coming next, perhaps I can improve on my previous score. And you never know when the ability to take out a zombie with one shot might come in handy…

I have played this game so many times, I am intimately familiar with all the scenarios. The game begins with the main character Leon alone in a remote village somewhere in Spain. Something’s wrong with the locals – they have red eyes, they lumber about, and they keep attacking Leon. And they don’t stay dead unless they’re hit with a direct head shot.

Screen shot of RE4 from

It’s clearly Autumn when the adventure begins. The sky is grey, the bare trees look skeletal and there are brown leaves piled up on the forest floor. Creepy looking crows caw from sign posts. I’ve always thought crows were creepy birds. They’ve got a history of being associated with horror films.

Perhaps the attached image demonstrates the autumnal feel of the game (I couldn’t find one that included the crows).

The scene outside my house at present looks very much like the opening scenes from RE4. The sky is grey, the trees are bare and skeletal looking, and brown leaves scatter the ground. We even have creepy-looking crows lurking around, emitting their ominous ‘caws’. I don’t like Autumn at the best of times. I like it even less when stepping outside my house makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a Resident Evil game. I shall be watching the neighbours very carefully over the next few weeks, alert for any sign of zombie-like behaviour.

Roll on Spring. There are never any zombie films or games set in the cheerful bloom of springtime. We shall all be safe then.


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