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Today is, apparently, Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. Not being American, this means nothing to me. However, as Black Friday appears to be the day all the sales start, I think it’s akin to Boxing Day for we Brits – and both days come the day after a major family feast day.

Anyway, what’s important is the fact that Lyrical Press are having a Black Friday sale – 50% off all their titles. I don’t often resort to hard-core sales techniques, but today I am unashamedly telling you to go and buy my books.

If you have already, then I thank you – it is greatly appreciated. Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s recently acquired an e-reader? If so, perhaps you can send the links their way and persuade them to invest in some new titles for their new device.

If you haven’t bought my books yet, however, then today is a good day to do it, because today they will cost you a mere $2.75 each. That’s about £1.50, in Brit money. That’s less than you pay for a cup of coffee in London, and the book will give you pleasure for longer than the coffee will.

Both e-books are available in all formats, compatible with any e-reader. And if you haven’t got an e-reader, you can download the PDF version, to read on your computer.

If for some reason you haven’t got a PDF reader (though it is free), then download the Kindle reader, available for PC, Mac, iPad, and Smartphone free of charge – click here for link.

Buy SUFFER THE CHILDREN here, and DEATH SCENE here. Available at this marvellous price for the rest of today.

Go do it now and help my sales. I’m still a very long way down the bottom of that ladder to fame and fortune. Maybe you can help me reach the next rung.


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  1. Melanie Herbin on

    Done and done! Though I miss having an autographed CD copy this time around! M 🙂

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