Monday’s Friend: Leigh Russell (2)

I am pleased to welcome best selling crime writer Leigh Russell to my blog, for the second time this year. This latest appearance coincides with the release of Leigh’s latest novel, DEATH BED, on the Kindle.

The Rise of Ebooks
By Leigh Russell

My debut CUT SHORT was published in June 2009, the first in my series of crime thrillers featuring Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel. After a delay of several months it became available on the Kindle, almost as an after thought. ROAD CLOSED came out in print in June 2010, followed by the ebook again after a delay of several months. But by now the quiet Kindle revolution was gathering speed so when DEAD END hit the shelves in 2011, my publisher put it out on the Kindle at the same time as the physical book came out.

While sales figures of my books escalated in print, sales on the Kindle really took off in the summer of 2011. The fourth book in my series, DEATH BED, is due to be published in 2012. This time, the ebook became available as soon as the MS was ready, before the end of December 2011, nearly six months before the print publication in May 2012.

An article in Crime Time reports that my publisher “is keen to ’embrace’ the new ‘rules’ of publishing and make the titles available as quickly as possible, avoiding the lengthy process that goes into the publishing and marketing of conventional print editions.”

It seems to me that the publishing history of the Geraldine Steel series reflects in microcosm what has been happening in the publishing industry as a whole, with ebooks first lagging behind physical books, then catching up, and finally taking over. And it has happened within the space of a few years.

A lot of readers are debating the future for physical books, with the growing popularity of ebooks. Meeting so many readers in the course of my work as an author, I can’t help wondering how much longer physical books will survive. What do you think?

Leigh Russell writes the bestselling UK crime series featuring Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel. Leigh’s new book DEATH BED is available on the Kindle now, as one of Amazon’s 12 Days of Christmas 99p offers, so buy it now to make the most of this special price (buy from Amazon UK here). It’s also available on, and out in print 2012.

Details of all Leigh’s books can be found on her website:


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