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Dolls’ House Update – Book Cases

I posted back in October about my ongoing dolls’ house project. Work has progressed on this, though the house isn’t finished yet. However, it’s nearly there, and over the years I have been collecting furniture. After all, the aim of building the house is to get to the fun part – putting in the furniture.

I have given a lot of thought to the book shelves. Obviously, a house of mine must be full of books, no matter what size it is. I have two identical book cases for the dolls’ house, so I am thinking about setting up a little library.

Filling the book cases is a lot of fun. There are three types of books that can be bought for a dolls’ house.

1. Little wood blocks cut to be shaped like rows of books, and painted a uniform colour.
2. Individual books cut from smaller blocks of wood, covered with paper and painted accordingly.
3. ‘Real’ little books, bound in vinyl or card and with proper turning pages.

Some people take this third option a step further. I’ve seen lots of vendors at my visits to dolls’ house fairs who specialise in creating miniature reproductions of actual books. So you can buy MOBY DICK or ALICE IN WONDERLAND, say, recreated in 1/12th scale. The words are too tiny to read, but if you peer at them with a magnifying glass, you will see that every word is present in these miniature recreations. They are incredible, but very expensive. Most of these vendors spend hours on their projects, and they are priced accordingly. You pay more for a tiny book than you do for a real-life sized one.

I have been painstakingly working on filling my doll’s house book shelves with a combination of these three types of books (the ‘real’ ones have blank pages, which are much cheaper), and I attach a picture of the result so far. You can see that not all the shelves are full yet, but I am quite proud of it.

I learned from my doll’s house club the secret to affixing the books on the shelves. The trick is something called ‘Tacky Wax’. It is precisely what it says on the tin. You attach a tiny bit to the book, and put the book on the shelf. It will keep the books from flying all over the place if the house is knocked, but they are still easy to remove if you want to move them around.

Now I have to work on filling the second book shelf. And, of course, finishing the house so I can get on with the task of putting in the furniture.