Monday’s Friend: Diane Escalera

Today I am interviewing romance writer Diane Escalera.

Welcome, Diane!

DE: First, thank you so much, Sara, for hosting me. I really appreciate this awesome opportunity!

SJT: Who would you cite as your influences?

DE: Danielle Steel was my first introduction to romance. I also loved Sidney Sheldon and Lawrence Sanders. Today, my go-to authors are Linda Howard, Lori Foster, and Jill Shalvis. I devour their books!

SJT: What advice would you pass on to beginner writers that you wish someone had told you when you were first starting out?

DE: Being a romance author is not as glamorous as people might think. It takes a lot of hard work, grit and steely determination to make it in this business.

SJT: Tell us about your new release, STILL HOT FOR YOU.

DE: STILL HOT FOR YOU is about what happens after the happily ever.

Shay LaCosta screwed up a damn good marriage. Now she’s on a mission to get a little submission, and get her hunky husband back in her bed.

Sexy, fun, and romantic, STILL HOT FOR YOU takes a peek into the marriage of Dylan and Shay. Theirs is a hot and steamy union, with an even hotter couple. Just like in real life, relationships have problems. But when two people are meant to be, they fight with each other, and they fight for each other.

SJT: You have a several books out with Kensington Publishing described as ‘hot Latino romances’. Where does the Latin influence come from, and why do you find it so appealing for your romance novels?

DE: Right after I finished writing my first novel, I came across an article that Kensington Publishing was launching the first-ever Latino Romance line. My hero just happened to be Latino, so I submitted to them. Nothing had prepared me for what happened next — I sold three books! My mom is Puerto Rican, so the Latin culture comes natural to me. It’s fun writing stories with Latino characters because I can easily relate. Unfortunately, the Encanto line went into hiatus. But I still feature Latino characters in my books. After all, Latin lovers are hot. With all that passion, they’re perfect for steamy romances!

SJT: Have you ever been inspired to put people you know in real life in your books?

DE: Most of my characters are a combination of many different people – family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers. Everyone is unique. I’ll watch and observe (not in a creepy way), look for stand-out features whether physical or behavioral. A wild imagination does the rest!

SJT: You went from the Bronx to South Florida, and it’s clear that you are happy living there. Anything about your childhood in the Bronx that you miss?

DE: I’ve lived in South Florida for over thirty years, and it truly is paradise. I never take the postcard scenery or the tropical climate for granted. One thing I had in my childhood that I don’t have now is snow. We had a blast playing with snowballs, sledding, ice skating, and getting days off from school. I couldn’t handle the cold anymore, but back then, we lived for those days!

SJT: When it comes to your writing projects, would you describe yourself as a meticulous planner, or a ‘seat-of-the-pantser’?

DE: While I’m more of a pantser, I do need to have a few things in place before I start a new book such as a working title, my main characters, and the premise of the story. I like to have an idea where I’m going, but I’m never sure how I’m going to get there until I start writing.

SJT: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

DE: I love to hang out with my family, play with our sweet little dachshund who keeps a permanent smile on my face. I’m also into fitness, scary movies, sexy books, and red wine. Oh, and chocolate!

SJT: Any new projects in the works?

DE: The hero in STILL HOT FOR YOU has a sinfully sexy brother and cousin. I couldn’t let Christian and Nico go without a happy ending. So… I’m working on two more novellas featuring these delicious men. Stay tuned for more Latin Heat!

SJT: Anything else you’d like to tell us about?

DE: Still Hot for You is available at Lyrical Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Digital Bookstores everywhere.

Please visit to learn more about my tales. I love to interact with readers! Like my fan page on Follow me on

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Diane Escalera makes her home in sunny South Florida. The sultry paradise is a steady source of inspiration for her hot love stories. Diane is married, has two children and a super cute dachshund she can’t get enough of. She writes contemporary romance, and is published with Kensington Publishing and Lyrical Press.


Want to get your man talking?  Give him booty!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And Shay LaCosta is pretty desperate. She’s wrecked her blissful marriage of five years by demanding she and her husband Dylan have a baby. What the hell was she thinking? She knows she was wrong and she’s ready to set things right, if only Dylan will let her. Bet he can’t shun her Booty Camp offer: delicious, white-hot sex in exchange for what’s going on inside his brain.

Dylan may be macho and stubborn, but he really does miss his wife. A little of Shay’s pushing gets him past their estrangement and into her web of seduction. She seems to have an erotic week mapped out to perfection, and who is he to complain? Their marriage is meant to be, so they’ll fight with each other, and they’ll fight for each other.

WARNING: Racy Language, Hot Sex, Seduction


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