My Life In Books: Han Solo’s Revenge

My first viewing of ‘Star Wars’ – a few weeks before my 13th birthday – led to an obsession with all things Star Wars-related for years.

Nowadays, the number of novels set in the Star Wars universe fill an entire book case, but back in the early 80s, all we had was the novelisations of the three films, and a trilogy of novels by Brian Daley about Han Solo. I happened upon HAN SOLO’S REVENGE in the book shop one day. It is actually the second novel in the trilogy, but it was the only one in stock at the time, so I read it first.

Set a few years before Han Solo has that fateful encounter with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Mos Eisley cantina, all three of these books relay Han and Chewie having adventures in a long-neglected corner of the galaxy called The Corporate Sector.

Han Solo was the only Bad Boy I ever had a thing for – and even at the age I was, I though going out with someone like him would only lead to trouble. At 14, I preferred Luke Skywalker, who I thought was much more suitable boyfriend material. Ultimately, Han was never really very ‘bad’, at least in these books, which were clearly written as Young Adult books, even though the genre wasn’t really defined as such at the time. Han Solo is always described as devil-may-care smuggler and pirate, and he was a single man with a healthy interest in women. And yet there’s no sex and no bad language in these books. Nowadays, I think books for teenagers are far more risque.

Still, as a teenager I adored these books, and I still have the original dog-eared and yellowed 1980s paperbacks. The illustration here is the original cover. I always had a beef with this cover. Han Solo is not left handed.

These books are now are now joined on my book shelves by a great deal more Star Wars books. I keep them stacked in chronological order – the order in which they occur in the Star Wars timeline, not the order in which they were written. That’s an important distinction.

My Star Wars obsession has faded someone over the years, but these three Han Solo books – HAN SOLO AT STARS’ END, HAN SOLO’S REVENGE and HAN SOLO AND THE LOST LEGACY, to put them in their correct order – remain amongst the books I have read the most.

And I can probably still recite the original 1977 Star Wars film, word for word, from beginning to end. Should I ever feel inclined to do so…


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  1. Mark West on

    I have this, though I’ve never actually got around to reading it – I might just try it now.

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