And The Winner Is….

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my online party yesterday. It was a lot of fun – an excuse to spend all day on the Internet, for starters. Though the virtual champagne could do with a bit more kick…

Winners of both contests have now been picked by random selection and I can now reveal who they are…drum roll please…

Pamela Turner is the winner of the free SOUL SCREAMS e-book.

The winner of the poster, which was the contest running on Facebook, is Yvette Stevenson-Munitz.

Congratulations to you both, ladies!

And there’s more excitement today, as the story about me and SOUL SCREAMS appears in today’s issue of the SUTTON GUARDIAN. If you can’t read the story in the image attached, then you can read it on the SUTTON GUARDIAN’s web page here.

And there’s still the BFS launch on Saturday to look forward to. And that is tremendously exciting. So exciting I’ve been practising signing the books. And I have discovered an unanticipated complication. The books are soft back. I am left-handed. It’s actually quite difficult to sign the title page without leaning my arm on the cover and creasing it. I am worried about damaging someone’s pristine copy, so I shall have to perfect some kind of arm-raise technique for my signature. Perhaps by the end of Saturday’s signing I will have mastered this!

If you can’t make the launch, and you didn’t win a prize, don’t forget you can order the book online. Find the links for ordering both the e-book and the print version on Stumar Press’s website.

With all this excitement, I don’t think I’ll get time to put up another post until next week. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon with the full low-down on the launch.


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  1. Tiarnan Ceinders on

    You might want to sign the book vertically instead of horizontally? Wouldn’t that be easier? Also, sign books with “Dear xxx – start online petition so left-handed writers can sign books too.” =)

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