Monday’s Friend: L.K. Below

Today I am pleased to welcome L.K. Below to my blog, to talk about how New Orleans was the inspiration for her latest release.

The Magic of New Orleans 
By L.K. Below

New Orleans was founded in 1718 by the French Mississippi Company and named after the Regent of France at the time, Philippe D’Orléans. Surviving architecture dates back to the 18th century, the oldest part of the city being the Vieux Carré (French Quarter).

But New Orleans is more than those facts on a screen. It’s history. It’s culture. It’s magic. There’s something about New Orleans that’s always drawn my interest. Perhaps that’s why I chose it for the site of my erotic fairy tale retelling, Beauty in His Bed. Amy might not get to see much of New Orleans, but a city is just as much the people as the place. While there, Amy tries a poboy, has a tarot card reading, and falls in love with a Cajun man. Sounds like she experienced as much as she needed, doesn’t it?

Here’s a bit about my newest release:

Upon finding a gorgeous woman in his bed, Seb wakes her with a wicked kiss…and it just might lead to forever.

Devastated by a breakup, plus-sized Amy Somers retreats to New Orleans to visit her longtime friend. But when her friend delivers the key to her apartment and sends Amy on ahead, she doesn’t realize that the apartment belongs to someone else.

Upon coming home to find Amy asleep on his bed, Sebastien Babineaux entertains lusty thoughts. Bent on seducing her, he never expects to lose his heart – or to work so hard to keep Amy by his side.

Have you ever been to the Big Easy?

L.K. Below indulges her love of fairy tales a bit in each of her books. From scornful first meetings to heated encounters, she believes that every character deserves a happily-ever-after. The Modern Fairytales series embodies that ideal even more, each centering around a fun, flirty fairy-tale-turned-reality for the inner princess. Visit her online at

Beauty in His Bed is now available from Lyrical Press, Inc. Read more or buy it at


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