Monday’s Friend: Sidney Bristol

Today I am pleased to welcome erotic romance writer Sidney Bristol to the blog. Sidney is giving away a copy of her latest release, so leave a comment on the blog about what your favourite gemstone is, for a chance to win. Take it away Sidney!

Thanks so much to Sara-Jayne for hosting me!

SidneyBristolIs anyone finished with their Christmas shopping yet?


Me neither! Usually I’m one of those Black Friday Super Shoppers, minus the violent tendencies. I mean, it’s just stuff we’re out there buying. There’s no need for violence. This year I was sidelined from the crazy shopping. Kinda bummed about that, but I’m bouncing back!

People often ask why I get into Black Friday. There’s crowds and hour long lines and so much crazy it makes many people’s heads hurt. For me, it’s an exciting, once a year experience that kicks off the holiday season with a bang. It gets me really excited about gift giving. I’ve always loved planning out the perfect present. Something I know the recipient will love. I think it’s honestly better than getting presents. Except maybe presents of shoes or electronics. It’s hard to beat those.

Last year the “big” present I gave my parents was an entire set of things to redo their bathroom. Much of the house hasn’t changed décor since I was in diapers and they don’t mind all that much. But, a few months before Christmas I heard my mom talking about needing new towels, the shower curtain was gross and she just didn’t want to spend time on it. I’m pretty aware of my parent’s style, it’s very modern-country-folk, so I went out and bought everything they needed. Bath mats, shower curtains, little hooks to hang the curtains, counter accessories, towels, the full deal. It completely surprised them and they’ve both mentioned through the year how thoughtful the gift was. And that’s what I love about gift giving.

I love getting to see the gift enjoyed and cherished. I really like seeing them excited about it as I am!

This year I’m still working on my Big Present to my parents, but I have pretty much everyone else covered. I can’t let the cat out of the bag because I never quite know where my family will pop up! I’m sad I didn’t get to do Black Friday, but it hasn’t put a damper on my Holiday cheer.

I think part of my enduring good mood has to do with my fifth book releasing on Wednesday. I’m still in a lot of disbelief that I actually have a book releasing and people stand the chance of reading it. Last week my twin messaged me to say that while walking around the base, he saw a girl reading one of my earlier novels, Under His Skin. It was a crazy, surreal moment. At least until he told me about trying to read over the girl’s shoulder. I really hope he never tries to read the new book. It’s a bit more sizzling!

Bound with Pearls is a slice of life kind of book about two people falling in love, who also happen to be a bit on the kinky side. Okay, they’re way over that line, who am I kidding? But this hero and heroine also know how to give gifts from the heart. It’s not always about how much a gift costs, but how much it means. The heroine in particular wants a gift she was given back from her sister, but it comes at a price. This book is about paying that cost and how sometimes the best gifts are things we never saw coming.

Sidney stock.xchng 21You can purchase Bound with Pearls on December 12th, but I’m going to give one commenter a copy of the book! Just tell me what your favorite gemstone is and why! Post your comment here on Sara’s blog by Friday December 14th for a chance to win.


It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life.  She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict. She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves, writing, reading and belly dancing.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

boundwithpearls_50Bound with Pearls, purchase December 12th from Ellora’s Cave!

The last thing Christine wants to do is another favor for her sister, but Lucy always gets what she wants. This time it’s Chris playing sub to a demanding Dom. Their relationship begins with a power exchange and progresses to time spent between the sheets. Now emotions are getting complicated and the Dom isn’t just a hunky guy in black.

Daniel’s expectations are turned upside down when he meets Chris. She’s more than a well-trained submissive. She’s a woman with a body he wants to memorize. He’s willing to spend as much time as it takes to learn her, because she might be his match and his muse. He’ll make her come so hard he’s imprinted on every inch, and then he’ll offer her the most precious thing he can, himself.


Christine’s mouth closed with a snap. Her jaw hurt from clenching. Her hands ached from gripping her wrists. Blinking rapidly, she looked at the Dom’s broad back. He was getting ready to leave.

She’d failed, completely blown it, and he was right. Her attitude sucked. This wasn’t like her. She’d hit a low point and didn’t know how to dig herself out of this one.

Pinpricks of pain stabbing the backs of her eyes heralded tears. Screwing things up seemed to be her specialty today, from the reports at work to forgetting her entry fee for the charity race, and now it was going to cost her. Lucy wouldn’t give her the pearls when she found out the Dom had left, rightfully disgusted with her.

The muscles in her chest constricted until she was panting for breath. Her vision blurred with tears she had to dash away.

“Wait,” she said, her voice sounding strained and too high to her own ears.

The Dom glanced over his shoulder, unmoved. It shouldn’t get her off, but the idea of a man with such control was a turn-on. She’d been ready for someone big and scary or maybe on the scrawny side with a penchant for pain. Finding him a fairly normal guy unsettled her.

Fairly normal was an understatement. Sure, most women might not notice him. He had nondescript brown hair and his features were handsome enough. It was something else about him that drew her.

“Why should I?”

She took a deep breath to calm herself. “You’re right. My attitude sucks.” Another deep breath. She couldn’t think of a good reason to give him, except the truth. Her shoulders slumped. She hated airing the dirty laundry between Lucy and her. Sisters should be close, they should have a bond. All she and Lucy shared was a last name and some DNA.

“I’m not involved with Nate. Lucy’s my sister and she—she’s afraid of you, so she probably whined to Nathan until he suggested trading me for her.” She could feel her cheeks burning. “I wasn’t going to do it. I-I don’t know you, I’m not entirely comfortable with this, and Lucy knew that. When I said no, and I meant it, she—”

Her throat constricted around her words, cutting them off. Squeezing her eyes shut, she balled her hands into fists and let the wave of emotion wash over her. She was angry and upset, hurt that her sister cared so little, but it was no different than any other time Lucy had conned her. The only person she could blame for this situation was herself. She drew in another slow, deep breath. “She told me if I’d come here, she’d give me our mother’s pearls. She’s dead, and they’re one of the only things we have left of hers.”

Her gaze locked on the floor. She knew she should stop talking. This man was as disgusted with her as she was, but her mouth kept working. “I loved them. I wore them to prom and graduation. I’d borrowed them for luck every now and then. Lucy never wanted them. They didn’t sparkle enough, they weren’t flashy. But when I wore them to her funeral, Lucy started yelling and crying about how I got everything. I gave them to her to shut her up and I’ve never seen them since.”

She hiccupped around her words. No doubt her face was red and splotchy. She didn’t cry delicately. No, when Christine cried her nose turned red, her eyes got big and puffy and she turned into a fountain. She hated crying and dumping ugly family business on a stranger. She couldn’t wait for him to leave. She could curl up on the bed, cry herself out and slink home where she could camp out on the couch with a pint of ice cream.


Hands gripped her shoulders from behind. Her stomach dropped right before the ground disappeared from under her. The Dom picked her up effortlessly.

Sidney“What are you doing?” She gripped his shoulders, expecting to land on her ass any second.

He crossed to the chaise and sat down with her cradled in his lap. She tried to slip onto the bench, but his hand clamped on her thigh. It was natural to obey the unspoken command. This close she could see the deep blue of his eyes, the strength of his jaw and feel the power of him. There was no doubt under the black t-shirt and jeans he was every bit as strong as he looked.

“What are—?”

“I’m the one who gets to ask the questions here.” His voice was stern, but unlike his reprimand from before there was a warm quality.

She relaxed against the curved arm of the chaise, comforted by his commanding nature. Let someone else call the shots for now, she was too tired of it all.

“Here.” He handed her tissues from an unknown source and she snatched them up.

Bowing her head to let her curls fall over her face was as much privacy as she could get to clean herself up. The Dom didn’t touch her except where their bodies nestled together, which was one small relief.

She hated crying, but she was better for getting it out. It felt good to be honest, even if the recipient of her words didn’t care what she said.


7 comments so far

  1. luciesmoker on

    My favorite gem is the ruby. My parents gave me one when I was just 16 and since then I was given a few more. I’m not a jewelry type, but those were quite special.

    • Sidney Bristol (@Sidney_Bristol) on

      Rubies are lovely! I totally feel you on not being a huge jewelry person. I wear necklaces and I’m totally guilty of wearing the same earrings for weeks, but I still like looking at all the shiny stuff!

  2. Delphina on

    I love roller derby! We are huge fans and go to every home bout. My favorite gem is different depending on my mood. Lately t has been amethyst delphinareadstoomuch at yahoo

  3. Bsingh on

    My favorite gem is turquoise. I found a turquoise stone pendant in grandmother jewelry box when I was 8 and out of all her beautiful pieces, that pendant felt right in my hand, she gave it to me on my wedding day 15 yrs ago. The story behind the pendant is one I can’t wait to share with my girls.

    • Sidney Bristol (@Sidney_Bristol) on

      That’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. And I have to agree, I love turquoise. I used to live in west Texas and a lot of the Native Indian tribes sold some beautiful turquoise creations.

  4. sayssara on

    I can now confirm that the winner of the ‘Bound With Pearls’ contest is Delphine.

    Congratulations Delphine!

    Thanks to all for entering the contest, and to Sidney for being my guest.


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