Monday’s Friend: Tammy Valentine

Today I’m pleased to welcome erotica writer Tammy Valentine to the blog, as part of her blog tour promoting the launch of her ZODIAC series.

How to… Get Foreplay Right
By Tammy Valentine

LET’S be honest: Foreplay is one of the hardest things to get right. Whether you’re male or female, hetero, homo or bi, it’s a toughie. And the same goes for writing the opening to an ongoing collection of erotic stories that are designed to take the reader on a year-long adventure.

I’ve always been interested in horoscopes and what they’re supposed to be able to tell you about an individual’s personality. I’m also intensely interested – as you might expect from a romance writer – in all things sensual and sexual.

The big lightbulb moment for me as an author was putting these two obsessions together to make a story. Once I’d had that bright idea, everything else just seemed to fall into place.

I planned to write one short story for every sign of the zodiac, concentrating on the possibilities of exploring each one’s inner love god via the traits suggested by their star sign. With the addition of an opening story, kicking off the whole project, and a final one to wrap it all up, I would have fourteen individual books that together would make one complete collection.

Naturally, I wanted to be the star of this sexual adventure, finding out for myself what each sign might have to offer. But of course this was more than just my own fantasy journey, and I needed a heroine who could take readers along with her, share her innermost thoughts and feelings, and hopefully offer some enlightenment to those willing to join her on this extraordinary ride.

foreplayIzzy Morgan kind of introduced herself to me late one night, fully formed and raring to get to grips with the challenge I was posing. Hot on her heels came her three friends, horoscope expert Jessica, ever-efficient Sarah and the young but not so innocent Amy. The Zodiac Club was born.

Over the following year I unveil a succession of willing participants in Izzy’s rollercoaster experiment, plus that tantalising denouement I’m calling the Climax. Well, what else?

But let’s not get too premature, as Izzy might say. Instead, enjoy the gentle tease that I’m hoping will get you just a little bit excited about the experiment ahead. After all, isn’t that the real value of good Foreplay?

About The Author:

When Tammy Valentine settles down to write one of her stories, she likes to get herself in the mood. She begins with a stroll in the garden, cutting some fresh roses for her writing desk, then lights some beautiful scented candles, pours a nice chilled glass of chardonnay, and lets her imagination run wild. She loves allowing readers into her secret world.

FOREPLAY is available as a free download from Find Tammy Valentine on Twitter at @tammyvalentine1 or visit her website at


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