Monday’s Friend: Raven McAllen

Today I am pleased to welcome Raven McAllen to the blog. She’s talking about the anthology of erotica in which she has two short stories.

Freaky Flashes
By Raven McAllen

Writing a blog isn’t always easy.

When you write a book, you put your heart into it.  It’s a bit like giving birth, letting other people coo or sigh over the baby and then telling you how lovely, brilliant (or horrible) your child is. Giving you a pat on the back or (as they say here in Scotland) a skelp over the heid.

Writing a blog and you open your heart for everyone to see inside. It’s much more intense. You really do bare your

Blogging is showing your all. The raw, nitty gritty, this is me and my baby, legs up, sweating, panting swearing at your partner, how did I get to this stage time. (I’m speaking metaphorically of course)

Then it’s the panic time. The ohh help, what do I know about writing a blog. Like a new baby, and you’re scared you’ll do something wrong… When you’ve worked it out, and you have to share, even more panic steps in. That’s my baby going out into the world with everything about it on show. (almost that scary dream when you think you’re naked and everyone is pointing and laughing)

So I have a book and a blog about it…Does it make sense? Is it interesting? Do people like it? Is it relevant

freaky flashesThe relevant bit is a strange one. You see FREAKY FLASHES is a book designed to be read at Halloween. Okay you might think, so why are we talking about it half a year away?

Well think about it. Love stories. Just because they are set in June or October, doesn’t mean that’s the only time to read them. And lets face it winter in half of the world is the opposite time of the year to the other half. So cold, snow, dreich (another good Scottish world for dampness and drizzle), sun whatever… it doesn’t matter. Christmas in Scotland is cold, Christmas in Melbourne is spent on the beach…Same date, different settings. Now yes I know Halloween also is not a moveable date, but love is. If you get my drift.

So I wrote two flashes in here, and they are love stories. Love is timeless, so that means you can read them at any time. As we can and do fall in love at anytime of the year, so we can read about it whenever we want.

Happy Reading

Love Raven x

Book Links:

FREAKY FLASHES can be found at the following links.

Breathless Press

All Romance eBooks



About Raven McAllen

I live in Scotland, the land of mists, mountains and midges. The first two I can cope with, the last is well named as the scourge of Scotland.

Living on the edge of a forest, with wild life and tourists always about, life is never dull, especially when someone stops you on our lane and asks if it is the main road to Glasgow. (er no)

I share my life with my DH, and two cats. Our children have flown the nest, great to go visiting them!


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