Monday’s Friend: Chandra Ryan (2)

Today I am pleased to welcome Chandra Ryan once more to my blog, to talk about the hero of her forthcoming sci fi erotic romance.  Welcome, Chandra!

Would you be friends with any of your heroes?
By Chandra Ryan

My husband asked me this about a year ago and it really threw me for a loop. At the time, Isaac from Bond Betrayed was my most recent hero. The truth was I wasn’t sure if I’d be his friend. Isaac is intense. And he completely buys into the belief that the end justifies the means. Truth be told, he kind of scared me a little. As does his family. Which is why I wrote Nikki for him. Let me tell you, that girl can hold her own. And yeah, she kind of scares me too.

I mean, sure I’d have coffee with them. Talk about how the kids are doing (I’m sure they’ll have little ones to talk about in the near future). But my definition of a friend, a true friend, is someone you can call at midnight and know they’ll answer the phone. If Isaac needed me at midnight, I’d be terrified there was a body involved.

ulteriormotives_msrWhen I set about writing my newest release, ULTERIOR MOTIVES, I did so with this conversation in mind. Heroes can be strong and confident without being scary. Right? And I should have at least one hero who I would answer my phone for. And so Jasper Lee was born. Jasper is the consummate diplomat who believes a person can enact change from within a system. He went into law to do just that. And when he noticed an inordinate amount of land seizures coming across his desk, he sets off to find out what’s going on.

Poor Jasper. He has no idea his desire to help people is going to make him question the beliefs he holds most dear and shape his destiny. And, yes, he does have to make a couple of scary decisions along the way. But, after writing his story, I can honestly say I’d answer my phone for him at midnight. Of course it helps that he’s resourceful and takes care of his own bodies.


Universal Defiance, Book One

On a rural settler planet, Kat must resort to putting out an ad to find a husband. She doesn’t expect to find love—that’s a dream in these parts—just a partner to help work her ranch. Then the devastatingly handsome Jasper answers her ad and turns her on in ways she never dreamed possible. Too bad he’s not who he says he is.

Jasper doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he ventures undercover to investigate a legal claim against Kat’s ranch. But after a toe-curling night under her roof and in her bed, he’s willing to do anything to stay there. He can’t say no to the tough-as-nails businesswoman who makes his body come alive.

When people start getting hurt, though, both Kat and Jasper have to decide how valuable one piece of land is. And the ranch that brought them together might be the very thing standing between them.

A Romantica® sci fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Being from a rather nomadic family, Chandra Ryan loves to travel and meet people. But she’s found that sometimes, like when you’re stuck inside because of a good old-fashioned Southwestern heat wave, you have to make do. Fortunately for her and her loving family, who don’t like seeing her suffer from cabin fever, she’s found creating new people and places equally as fascinating. Also, you’re a lot less likely to spill your ice tea.

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Twitter: @ChandraRyan



3 comments so far

  1. Chandra Ryan on

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog today!

  2. Sydney Somers on

    So I have to ask, does it make it easier or harder to write about the kind of heroes that scare you a little? 🙂

  3. Chandra Ryan on

    Hi Syndey! I want to say it was easier. Isaac kind of came to me fully developed. I just knew him. I knew what he was thinking and how he’d react to any given circumstance. Maybe that’s why he scared me so much 🙂

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