If I Were Famous…

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Occasionally I fantasise about what I’d do if I became a rich and famous writer.  And I’m not talking rich enough to give up the day job and pay off the mortgage.  I’m talking about rich beyond the realms of reasonable possibility.  JK-Rowling-sort-of rich and famous.

The first thing I’d do is buy a house with an indoor swimming pool, so I could do daily laps without having the general public get in my way.  And the pool must be heated to 35c all the time. I’m a wimp – I hate getting into cold water.  Of course I would also need to hire a Pool Boy – heated swimming pools require a lot of maintenance.

In this fantasy house there would be at least two gaming rooms, each with a couple of types of consoles and a 50″ flat screen TV.  This is so at least two multi-player games could be going on at the same time.  There would also be a retro games room, full of old arcade machines, including the original Space Invaders.  There will also be a juke box in there, belting out 80s hits.  In fact, I’ll just recreate Flynn’s arcade from TRON, and I’ll be set.

There will be a bar, of course.  Stocked with plenty of bottles of Cloudy Bay.  And a bartender to make cocktails.

While we’re on the subject of staff, I’ll need to have a housekeeper who will do all the chores, including the ironing, making the bed and changing the sheets weekly.  And there’ll be a chef.  I like to eat nice food, but I’m rubbish at cooking.

Sigh.  Guess it’s time to stop daydreaming.

What things do you fantasise about buying, if money were no object?


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  1. krystal jane on

    I like the indoor swimming pool. And I’d have a housekeeper, of course, I hate dusting. And I’d have media room and a library and everything would be cataloged digitally so all I’d have to do to find something is look it up alphabetically and push a button. ^_^ Mostly, I fantasize about having my dream office. Desk on one side, sewing machine on the other. An arts and crafts room, ventilated so I can paint and pretend I’m good at it. Fenced backyard for the cat. And then I’d get a couple more cats. And I’d have an exercise room because I’m not going to the gym and touching that stuff. *sigh* Lol!

  2. M.Q. Barber on

    Oooo, yeah, I’d take the private swimming pool, too. Much better than sharing lanes at the gym. Butterfly is impossible to pull off when the pool’s busy. A gaming room would be nice. A big-screen TV setup for console gaming, an emulator in a cabinet for all the old arcade games, and a pool table so I can perfect my bank shots.

    My real fantasy would be to buy more time in the day, though. Having the money to quit the day job and spend more time writing would be better than anything I could buy. Super-stardom and fame don’t even rank on my list of imaginary, never-gonna-happen fantasies. 😉

    • sayssara on

      Yes it’s a never-gonna-happen fantasy for me, too, but I like to dream…

      I didn’t mention a writing room because that’s a given, but I already have one. I would like a big library. Wall to wall book shelves, everything sorted alphabetically, with a nice arm chair in a reading corner. In fact, I’d quite like the library that Neil Gaiman’s already got (try googling Neil Gaiman’s library and you’ll see what I mean!)

      • M.Q. Barber on

        Yup yup! I’m familiar. Much library envy for that one. We have a little parlor off our bedroom that my husband has graciously allowed me to take over as a library. It’s not Gaiman-scale, but it’s a cozy spot surrounded by books, so it makes me very happy.

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