Monday’s Friend: Rie Warren

Today I’m interviewing romance writer Rie Warren. Welcome, Rie!

SJT:  When did you realise you were destined to be a writer?

RW:  I started dabbling with erotic poetry in college—which came as quite a surprise to my college professor, lol! I became more serious about writing in the mid-nineties when I was living in England and on a visa restriction that didn’t allow me to work for six months. After buying my first computer—a ridiculously huge Apple Mac—I spent the next four months writing my first novel. It’s around here somewhere…

 SJT:  You have a degree in Fine Art, but now you write instead of paint.  What do you think are the differences and similarities in these two forms of artistic expression?

 RW:  I believe the similarities stretch to all of the arts and include the ability to visualize a scene and to create that vision so others may view it no matter what medium you use. The difference for me is in the medium. I stopped painting and took up writing because I was no longer able to create the picture I wanted with brushstrokes and paint. The end product stopped matching what I had in my head. Words became easier to manipulate, and even when they took on a life of their own, they inspired awesome new events or plot twists.

 SJT:  Are you a meticulous plotter or a seat-of-the-pantser?

RW:  I’m a meticulous combination of both *wink*. I loosely plot all the chapters first, and I usually already have quite a few snippets of dialogue, scene placement, important events scribbled down that I slot into specific chapters. Now, once I start writing, I do stick basically to my script but as I mentioned above, there’s always a shocking surprise or two that happens during writing! I love those moments. I’d say there’s always a structure to my stories and amid that, there’s an organic flow of creative juices.

 SJT:  Who would you cite as your influences?

RW:  This is a tough one. I don’t aspire to be the next ‘such-and-such’ author, but I do pay very close attention when I read a book, studying plot and pacing, world building, hero vs. heroine characterization, and I’m a sucker for kick-ass verbs! I read across a lot of genres…as a writer I think that brings a layer of richness to my own work.

in his comman revise--COVER FINAL FINALSJT:  Tell us about your new release, IN HIS COMMAND.  What’s the story behind this story?

RW:  IN HIS COMMAND is the ultimate forbidden love story! In the dystopian future where homosexuality and deviant sexual behaviors are outlawed, two men are thrown together when a revolution rips through their city. They are forced on a month-long trek to a secure outpost, fighting sabotage, secrecy, and intense attraction for one another along the way.

The story behind the story is pretty simple (you know, once I pare it down, shave it back, and pretend I didn’t angst for months and months over it *grins*). I’ve always been in love with the dystopian genre…and m/m stories. After my year-long phase reading The Hunger Games, etc., I decided to write my futuristic series, but make it for adults. The oppressive regime I created was a direct offshoot of this being a m/m novel, and once I had that in the bag, the characters, the worlds, the intense scenes and high stakes love story all started speaking to me. In fact, they wouldn’t shut up!

The second book—ON HER WATCH–is already complete, with my editor at Forever Yours, and will be released in April, 2014.

 SJT:  As an American girl with a British husband, it seems you’ve got a bit of an international household.  What cultural differences have stood out for you in your travels?

RW:  Easy things to point out are: Americans like it bigger ;). We like our huge appliances, cars, and meals. True story. One difference I really loved about living abroad was the ease of travel without having to own a car. I walked everywhere (part of that was sheer terror at the idea of driving on the wrong side of the vehicle on the wrong side of the road, not gonna lie). And when I wanted to travel, I just hopped a bus or train!

I read a recent update from a friend traveling in Europe, saying, ‘Why don’t they have ice? Why do they drink everything lukewarm?’ Ha, ha, ha, I thought that was really funny. But, of course, if you live anywhere long enough, these little quirks become entirely normal. Except for the weather. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t handle the rain after several non-stop years of it. I need the sun to function.

 SJT:  We don’t like it much either – there is a reason why it is a British tradition to complain about the weather!  What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

RW:  Sleep! Sleep, sleep, and more zzzzzz…… I love to read, and I really love getting hooked into a fantastic series. Newest guilty pleasure: I can’t stop watching Hell on Wheels on amc. Just do yourself a favor and go Google Anson Mount/Cullen Bohannon, then come talk to me about him.

Thanks so much for having me today, Sara-Jayne! I had a blast and I’ll be around to reply to any comments.


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3 comments so far

  1. M.Q. Barber on

    Lovely interview, ladies! Characters with the capacity to surprise the author are the best sort.

  2. Gemma Brocato on

    Rie, I’m with you 100% on the driving on the left side of the road. I got behind the wheel of a car while we lived in London, and got right back out. It was just too odd for me.
    I love how you plan out your stories. It’s fun and exciting when the characters in your head tell you what they want to say.

  3. Rie Warren on

    Hey Gemma and MQ, awesome to ‘see’ you here!

    Thanks, Sara-Jayne, for having me 🙂

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