Monday’s Friend: Penny Estelle

Today I am pleased to welcome fellow MuseItUp author Penny Estelle to the blog.

SJT:  When did you first know you were destined to be a writer?

PE:  I retired from working as a school secretary at the age of 56.  I started writing my first story, Hike Up Devil’s Mountain, the year before I retired.  I was so excited when Solstice Publishing offered me a contract.  Since then I have been lucky enough to have eleven more stories picked up.  I say this because even having several stories published, I’m not sure if I’m destined to be a writer!!!  But it is my hope – LOL

SJT:  Who would you cite as your influences?

PE:  HMMMM – I never read as a kid/teen, so I really have no influences as far as writing, but my ideas have come from either my real life memories or from my grandkids.  I have my first historical romance coming out in April.  Rosemary Rogers, Kathleen Woodwiss, Johanna Lindsey – The best!!!!

SJT:  What advice would you pass on to beginner writers that you wish someone had told you when you were first starting out?

PE:  Writing your story is the east part. Money will not come flooding in because you have a contract. Write for the love of writing. Marketing will become your life!!!

SJT:  You have written many novels for children.  What inspires you to write for the particular age group you do?

PE:  This is an easy one.  There is soooooo much material.  Kids in the middle grades are fun, talk crazy, and are sarcastic.  I really like sarcasm!!!!

SJT:  On your website you say that working as a school secretary for many years inspired you to write stories about kids.  Have you ever put anyone you met in real life into one of your stories?

PE:  Being secretary to the principal, we had lots of kids through the office.  I actually liked sparring with them about why they were in trouble, etc.  I had a few favourites and I use some of them for my characters.

SJT:  You also write novels for adults.  Does your approach to writing a novel differ depending on the age of the target audience?

PE:  I think so.  The ones I have written so far don’t have a lot of humor.  I have a family drama and two love stories with a touch of tragedy mixed in.  I have to watch my wording so I don’t revert to, “Hey Dude!”   LOL

SJT:  Tell us about your latest release.

The Unwanted Christamas Guest 300dpiPE: Well my latest release was THE UNWANTED CHRISTMAS GUEST.  I really liked writing this one as it has a two year old little Downs Syndrome girl in it and I copied her right from my own granddaughter – Caity.  It’s a love/hate relationship involving an attorney and a reporter.  It also has a secret that must be kept at all costs!

SJT:  What’s next for you, writing-wise?

PE:  Just started a new story – It will be for kids and it involves a brother, sister, jigsaw puzzle, and a wizard.  That’s all you get for now!!!

Thanks, Penny, for being my guest this week!

Buy THE UNWANTED CHRISTMAS GUEST from Amazon, or direct from MuseItUp Publishing.

Author Bio:

My name is Penny Estelle.  I was a school secretary for 21 years and retired in 2009.  We moved to our retirement home in Kingman, AZ and we live on 54 acres in a very rural area.  Actually we live “off the grid”.  We live on solar and wind.  A real adjustment for a city girl.  I must say – I love it.  Nothing like walking out your front door and hear coyotes howling in the distance and seeing a sky bursting with stars.  It is breathtaking!

Catch up with me online at any of the following links:


Revenge-TheCowboyWay_200x300Blurb for REVENGE, THE COWBOY WAY

When Brian Thornton is taken by surprise at gunpoint, while in the bed of a beautiful, wealthy woman, he swears his revenge.  But when he learns his humiliation was at the hands of a young woman and a boy, his vengeance knows no bounds.

Joanna Simmons finds herself snatched out of her home and taken to Thornton’s ship.  Against her will, she travels to Texas, and then by wagon train to Bastrop, Brian’s home town.  Joanna finds acceptance and genuine friendship with the people of the town, down to Brian’s sister, but the emotional war that wages between Brian and Joanna, keeps any kind of happiness at bay.

REVENGE, THE COWBOY WAY is the story of hate, love and revenge.  The question is whose revenge is it?


10 comments so far

  1. Helena Fairfax on

    Lovely interview, Penny and Sara- Jayne! Revenge, the Cowboy Way sounds a fabulous read. Good luck with all your releases, Penny!

    • Penny Estelle on

      Sara-Jayne. You are a very gracious hostess and I am thrilled to be on your wonderful blog today!

      Thanks so much for taking a few seconds and stopping by Helena. Really appreciate it!

  2. Leona Pence on

    I enjoyed the interview, Penny. The book sounds like it’s right up my alley.

    Best wishes, and lots of luck.

  3. Sharon Willett on

    I have read one of Penny’s ‘back in time’ children’s books. It was very well done. Curious about this adult book, so thanks Sara for bringing a new side of Penny to our attention.

    • Penny Estelle on

      Sharon, such kind words. Truly appreciate them!!!

  4. Loren on

    Your home setting sounds so inspiring — no need for you to escape to a retreat to muse.
    Touching to read how your granddaughter was the inspiration behind your book’s child character.
    Best of success!

    • Penny Estelle on

      Hey Loren. I love my home setting MOST of the time. Living w/o electricity can sometimes be an enormous pain! LOL

  5. Heather Brainerd on

    Fun interview, ladies! Penny, you must have some good stories to tell about your years as a school secretary. 🙂

    • Penny Estelle on

      Morning, Heather. There are many different scenarios I could use from those good old days!

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