Monday’s Friend: James Crofoot

Today I am interviewing fellow MUI author James Crofoot on the blog. Welcome, James.

James CrofootSJT:  What advice would you pass on to beginner writers that you wish someone had told you when you were first starting out?

JC:  Don’t get discouraged with rejections letters. You’ll get a few before you get that first contract. AND learn from the ones that give you a critique, some will. Read them and listen to the constructive ones. Work on the mistakes. How bad do you want it?


JC:  My newest release is about Thomas coming to terms with the magic he knows. Although he still thinks it evil and unnatural, he’s got Christina to willingly play his conscience.

SJT:  Your new book is classified as a YA fantasy.  Do you write other genres also (ie adult, non-fantasy?)

JC:  Yes, I write more contemporary as well, I’ve a few out as we speak.

SJT:  Why fantasy?  What’s the attraction for you?

JC:  My first love, when quite young, was history. From there it went to Mythology, Greek and Norse. The two just kind of mixed when I started plying RPGs. I always loved feudal period history so swords and sorcery wasn’t a big step.

SJT:  Your website says you’ve travelled extensively.  Any favourite places?

JC:  Wow, someone actually has seen my site? Haha. I loved Alaska, but the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was at sea. There was this one night when I was in the Navy, I had to take the trash to the fantail, the back of the ship, to throw it over. After, instead of going right back below, I walked to the forecastle, the front most part of the ship, and looked straight up. With a clear night, hundreds of mile from the nearest land and city lights, the Milky Way stood out as a band of white stretching from horizon to horizon. I just stood there and took in every star. More than I could begin to count.

SJT:  Which of those little cultural differences have struck you most in dealing with locals in different places?

JC:  I’ve found the people are really the same no matter where you go. If you get away from the tourist traps and take the time to get to know the people there, a smile will be answered with a smile.

SJT:  When it comes to your writing projects, would you describe yourself as a meticulous planner, or a ‘seat-of-the-pantser’?

JC:  I would really have to say somewhere in between. I jot down scribbles a lot, brainstorming I was taught to call it. Just general things, some dialogue maybe. I get the story in my head then do some research perhaps, Then I write, but sometimes the thing just flows from my mind onto the paper, almost as if there’s nothing in between.

SJT:  What are you working on right now?

The Continuing Journeys of a Different Necromancer 200x300JC:  I have two pieces in the works as of now. I had planned to get away from The Necromancer series but my sister and a reviewer of my first book talked me into doing one more to make it a Trilogy. I think it’s going to be my best yet. I’m constantly learning new ways to put the words down and what to look for in writing. As I said first off – You have to pay attention to some of that constructive criticism.

SJT:  Thank you, James, for being my guest today!

Author Bio.

Now a published author, James has two books available from MuseItUp publishing and a story on an online magazine SilverBlade. His books are also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Above all else, he hopes you enjoy his work.

Learn more about James by visiting his website.


3 comments so far

  1. Matthew Peters on

    Thank you for posting this interview. I look forward to reading your books, James.

  2. Alicia on

    Thanks James, I’m on the hunt for your books and stories 🙂

  3. HFBrainerd on

    Nice interview. James, you said your sister talked you into a third Necromancer book. Does she critique your work while you’re in the process of writing? I ask because I never submit anything until my brother has gone over it. 🙂

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