Monday’s Friend: Ron Scheer

Today I am pleased to welcome fellow MuseItUp author Ron Scheer to the blog, who is talking about a subject close to every writer’s heart – finding the time to write. Take it away, Ron!

Where does the time come from?
By Ron Scheer

I was recently asked where I find the time to read and write. It made me wonder how unique I might be. I have a full time job just like anyone else. I have children that need help with homework, driven to sports practice, and taken to scouts. I have a wife who demands that, at least occasionally, I put the laptop down and take her out for a night on the town, or barring that, at least help fold the laundry and put the dishes away. I have a poker night (Monday) and Friday movie night with friends and relatives.

Ron ScheerBut even with all of that, I still manage to write for for a least an hour (sometimes a lot more) and read until my eyelids won’t stay open every night. Still dreaming of the day I get to put those five words in front of my name that every writer who doesn’t have them wants: New York Times Bestselling Author.

So where does the time come from? What do I leave out that other people don’t? The answer is quite simple. I don’t really watch TV. From what I hear at work, or see on the internet there are a lot of shows on the tube that people get interested in, and continue to watch week after week, season after season. But guess what? I’ve never watched an episode of NCIS, or Dr. Who, or (you fill in the blank…I don’t know the names of most shows.)

Obviously I’m a night writer. That whole get up in the morning before the job starts and pound the keyboard doesn’t work for me. I tried it a couple of times, and all I ended up with was a whole bunch of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s, both on the document, and in my recliner. (I don’t write from a desk–laptop while reclining is the only way to go)

I do have to wonder if I’m missing out sometimes. Every now and then someone will come up to me as say, “did you see what happened on HIMYM?” My answer is usually something like “what’s a hymn yim?” And then they look at me like I’m the crazy one. By the way, when did every show become known by its acronym? And speaking of acronyms, let’s change DWTS so it means Driving While Texting is Stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against TV. I’m not standing on some soapbox trying to preach an end to what millions of people do to entertain themselves each night. Hey, if some big shot Hollywood producer wants me to help write a script for the next big sitcom, I’m game. I’m simply saying that until someone invents a way to make the evenings longer or the work day shorter, I’ll use my time to do what I want to do.

And let’s don’t get stupid, of course I watch football.

Author Bio

Ron Scheer lives in the heart of the heartland with his wonderful wife, a daughter, and a son. He spends his days selling and installing carpet. His nights, however, are devoted to books. Whether reading or writing, there are always words at his fingertips. The Forager is his first novel.

Blurb for THE FORAGER:

The ForagerIt’s been thirty years since the economy collapsed, and all Dillon has ever known is a world without electricity or medicine, living in a community constantly under the threat of starvation as they struggle to feed the rest of the country.

Orphaned and alone, unsure of his future, Dillon serves as a lookout, watching for the bands of Scavengers that prey on towns like his—while also trying to keep away from the mayor’s twin sons, who are bent on terrorizing him.

When a Forager rides into town, he opens Dillon’s eyes to the possibility of another life for himself. And when a Scavenger attack leaves the Forager injured, he sends Dillon out on a mission that may mean the difference between life and death for the mayor’s missing daughter. Dillon is about to find more than a way to help his community—he’s about to find himself.



3 comments so far

  1. annestenhouse on

    You’re so right, Ron, but I love NCIS. Anne Stenhouse

  2. Matthew Peters on

    Great post, Ron. I don’t watch television, either, and find that it really makes a difference. Your book sounds very interesting. I wish you the best with it.

  3. marsharwest on

    You’re right, of course, Ron. I could write a whole bunch faster if I didn’t watch all the TV shows I do. I’m tweeting for Longmire to find a new network, for crying outloud. (I know you don’t know what or who that is–well written modern day western based on Craig Johnson’s series about a lawman in Montanna or Wyoming–I get those mixed up.)
    Now, I can argue that all that TV watching is research, and in truth some of it is. Mostly, it’s escape for me and entertainment. (I don’t watch football or really any sports. Total waste of time to my mind. LOL To each his own, as they say.)
    Your book sounds intriguing. Best wishes for lots of sales.

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