Mystery Bargain Bundle

DEATH SCENE is one of four e-books in a special limited-edition holiday bundle from MuseItUp Publishing.  Entitled ‘Sirens on Death Starke Avenue’, a name amalgamating four titles, these four mystery novels can be bought in one bundle for the bargain price of $1.99. And my fellow ‘bundlees’ (if that’s a word) have all been blogging about our bundle this week, so today’s post is a blatant plug for the four books in this bundle and links to the author blogs.

The gossiping women of the Widows Brigade in the new ski resort of Starke, Idaho love a good scandal—this time it’s a murder mystery, and a stark naked corpse.

Mysterious deaths upset the Florida retirement community interfering with their seasonal activities and turning up more than dead bodies.

THE SOUND OF SIRENS by Heather Fraser-Brainerd and David Fraser
Thanksgiving dinner with the family can be murder. Especially when someone is actually trying to kill you.

DEATH SCENE by Sara Jayne Townsend
Poking around in family closets produces skeletons, and actress Shara Summers takes on more than she can handle when she starts investigating family mysteries.

So that’s four books by five authors, bundled up in 747 pages of suspense, for the bargain price of only $1.99 until 2 December.

This bundle is available direct from MuseItUp Publishing.


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  1. […] Hey there, folks. This is Dave, bringing you a special Black Friday blog. In the spirit of the day, I will first try to make you buy something you don’t want or need. The second book in the José Picada, P.I. series, The Sound of Sirens, will soon be celebrating its first birthday. It is also included in a new bundle of mystery books from MuseItUp Publishing, titled Sirens on Death Starke Blvd. Also included in this bundle is Starke Naked Dead by Conda V. Douglas, Death Scene by Sara-Jayne Townsend, and Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q. Rose, available November 28 at an e-reader near you. Get it on Amazon now for the low, low price of only $1.99. Wait, did I just say that you can get four fantastic books for the low, low price of only $1.99? Yes, I did. Don’t believe me? Check it out here. And while you’re at it, check out these Black Friday posts from our fellow bundlers J.Q. Rose, Conda Douglas, and Sara-Jayne Townsend. […]

  2. Conda V. Douglas on

    I love book bundles, both as an author or as a reader. What could be better than tons of great reading at a fabulous price?

  3. J.Q. Rose on

    Indeed a shameless plug for the bundle, but it is such a bargain, how can you NOT tell your readers about it? Thanks for letting folks know.

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