Monday’s Friend: Akaria Gale

Today my guest is urban fantasy author Akaria Gale. Welcome, Akaria!

Horror + Romance = Perfection?
By Akaria Gale

I didn’t watch a truly good horror movie until 1999. Audition completely changed my mind of what the genre could be and it was love at first scream. Oh, sure. I’d seen a Friday the 13th here, or a Nightmare on Elm Street there. None of them struck me as good. They were silly, trivial things; forgotten as soon as I shut off the TV. Audition opened a whole new world of foreign cinema. It was thrilling to see what Japanese, Korean, French or Norwegian filmmakers used to terrify their audiences.

After gorging on foreign films for a few years, I returned to American horror and was happy to see the genre had grown up a lot. Slashers and torture porn like the Saw movies still ruled the screen, but a few ambitious tidbits stood out. The VHS and ABCs of Death anthologies showcased the power of short form horror. The Possession explored a willingness to terrify through a different religious lens than Christianity. Also, more women in the genre gave me two of my favorite movies in 2014, American Mary and The Babadook.

So what in the everloving hell does this have to do with writing romance? Well, I tried to carry my love of horror over to book form, but the heavy hitters did nothing for me. Neither did the unknowns. I tried traditionally and self published books. Something was missing. Finally, I turned to urban fantasy and found kindred spirits. Here were mysterious worlds filled with horrible creatures and brave men and women who fought them. But it wasn’t all about the struggle. The protagonists also fell in love. That’s what struck the spark. The light switched on. Bells rang. Angels sang. It felt like coming home. From urban fantasy it was a quick jump to paranormal romance. I’ve never looked back.

In 2010, with dozens of urban fantasy and paranormal romance books under my belt, I knew I wanted to add my voice to the crowd and so began the first outlines for the Awakening series. Last year, the first book in the series, Angel’s Awakening released. Book two is in the works.

I continue to watch a boatload of horror with a generous sprinkling of true crime for seasoning. It’s a type of therapy. There’s comfort in knowing nothing in my head ever quite reaches the twisted nature of humanity. At the end of the day, who would you rather have as a neighbor? Tabasco & milk swigging demons or Gary Ridgway?

Special thanks to Sara for allowing me to share my journey from horror to romance. I’ll see you in my dreams…and nightmares!

Author bio
Akaria Gale lives in Brooklyn with her husband, children and a disgruntled cat. She is a native New Yorker, slow cooker enthusiast, hard cider advocate who occasionally finds time to write about the secret world right underneath our noses. One day she hopes to give winter the middle finger and become a beach bum.

Find out more about Akaria and her writing at her blog, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Akaria Gale

After a disgraceful two thousand year demotion, Charouth is a heartbeat away from regaining her status as one of Heaven’s Elite angels. Her final mission: to retrieve five rare artifacts and prevent Satan’s escape from Hell. A formidable task that becomes nearly impossible when Azazel, Satan’s top relic hunter and her ex-lover, joins the quest.

Bloody confrontations with the worst the Netherworld has to offer, land her further away from redemption than ever, forced to choose between duty or desire. Two thousand years ago, their passion defied Heaven and Hell. Will love blossom again, or will ancient allegiances tear them apart forever?

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