Monday’s Friend: Kyla Phillips

Today I am pleased to have urban fantasy writer Kya Phillips as my guest on the blog. Welcome, Kyla!

SJT: When did you first know you were destined to be a writer?

Kyla Phillips Author picKP: I was in fifth grade and instead of going out to play with the other kids I sat down in a corner with pen and paper and wrote my stories. That’s when I knew that writing would be in my future at least part time.

SJT: What advice would you pass on to beginner writers that you wish someone had told you when you were first starting out?

KP: It is okay, no required, for your first stuff to be a bit crap. The best way to get past that is to keep writing, and writing, and writing.

SJT: Tell us about your new release.

KP: Agent of Light is the first in the Council of Light series. It’s an Urban Fantasy set in Cincinnati, Ohio about a bounty hunter team that track down the worst the supernatural world has to offer.

SJT: There are so many interesting sounding characters in this book I don’t know which one to begin asking you about. So I’ll leave it to you. Do you have a favourite, and how did he or she come into creation?

KP: I can’t say that I have one favourite because they are all so diverse and amazing. I love Vayne so much because she is strong yet has that vulnerability that shows through. She’s chaotic sometimes and very protective of those she loves. I also love writing about Donovan. He is a shapeshifter in both ability and personality. He’s often very stoic, but then he has moments of aggressive or passion and they always surprise me but never feel inauthentic. It makes for fun writing and great reading.

SJT: Your Facebook page says your fiction tends to have a message. Can you tell us what the message in ‘Agent of Light’ is (with giving away any spoilers?)

KP: The main message in Agent of Light is that vulnerability doesn’t negate strength. Vayne’s character arc follows that line. She goes through so things that prove she isn’t the impervious super-agent some might think she is but in the end proves to be stronger and more resourceful than even she guessed.

Also the story touches on the importance of relying on each other. No matter how powerful you are there are some problems that can only be overcome if you work together.

SJT: Have you ever been inspired to put people you know in real life in your books?

KP: I always draw a lot from people I know to fill out my characters. Vayne gets her protectiveness and chaotic nature from me. Her parents Phillip and Helena are a lot of my mom. They are a combination of who I saw my mother as in real life and who she said she wished she could be. I don’t know where Giovanni came from. He’s just a mess.

SJT: What’s next for you, writing wise?

 KP: I’m currently working on a SciFi novel, ‘Refugee ship Perseverance’ which follows a group of humans who barely escaped an invaded Earth only to find the planet they took refuge on isn’t as uninhabited as it seemed.

Also I’m working on book two of the Council of Light series, ‘Pawn of Shadows’. It delves into Donovan’s background. Readers will get to learn more about what landed Don in Vayne’s care in the first place. They will see the blossoming of one relationship and the straining of another so it should be very exciting.

 SJT: What do you like to do when you step away from the keyboard?

KP: I love to read and watch movies (Just saw Avengers: Age of Ultron which was awesome). I’m a simple girl. A trip to the park or to the pool and I’m happy.


Author Bio:

Kyla became a SciFi/Fantasy addict at age three watching Doctor Who on late nights up with her mom. She discovered her love of reading and writing in the third grade reading Robert A. Heinlein and Piers Anthony and trying to create stories like her heroes.

Currently she lives in Ohio with her grandmother and her dog, Mya – named after a SciFi character. She is inspired by the musing of her fellow writers in the Entropy writing group and hanging out at Barberton Public Library.







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  1. Kyla Phillips (@laylawoodget) on

    Thanks so much for having me on. I had such a great time. We must do this again sometime. 🙂

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