Monday’s Friend: David Fraser

Today we’ve got something a little different. I am pleased to welcome David Fraser as this week’s blog guest, with the latest promotion of his Dragon-Kitty saga. If you’re not familiar with the Dragon-Kitty, then take a look at the previous installments first (links below).

The Dragon-Kitty has taken on a life of its own and become a somewhat epic saga.

Welcome, David!


Thank you, Sara Jayne, for hosting me today. This post marks the latest entry in the epic saga of The Dragon-Kitty. For those of you just joining the epic saga of The Dragon-Kitty, previous installments can be found here:

But now onto the new stuff…

dragonkitty5 (2)Blurb:

It’s days before Christmas and, to the rest of the world, everything is fine. But at the North Pole, chaos reigns as Santa Claus cannot be found. The only hope to save the day rests in a spunky/sassy Canadian teenager and his draconic/feline friend as they race to stop the creatures out to ruin Christmas, one mall at a time.


The Grumpy Goblins moved throughout the mall’s food court, but none of the diners seemed to notice. Every so often, a Goblin would stop and touch someone’s forehead. Their shoulders would slump and a frown would instantly form, no matter how happy they had been moments before.

“That ain’t cool,” Justin said to the miniature Dragon-Kitty in his shirt pocket.

“What isn’t cool? And what are you going to do about it?” came the small voice from his shirt.

Justin shook his head, his hair flopping back and forth, obscuring his vision at regular intervals. “I don’t know, man. I gotta do something. Maybe I’ll go grab a slice of pizza and think about it while I eat.”

“Are you sure you’re not just running away from the problem rather than facing it?” asked Dragon-Kitty.

“I’m hungry.” He was hungry, after all. You shouldn’t do battle on an empty stomach. That’s what Mama always said. Of course, she also said that life was like a box of chocolates, and you could always tell what was what by the diagram on the lid, and you should snatch up the caramels first because everyone always liked them caramels and if you wanted one, you best be quick about it. And leave the plain old chocolate ones for last, because they’re just plain old chocolate and you can get that in the grocery store checkout line whenever you want. And anything described as nougat was always a gamble because some of them were good and some of them you’d want to spit out after the first bite. And don’t touch the ones with cherries in them. They’re just gross.

A stirring in his shirt brought his thoughts back from chocolate. Dragon-Kitty’s voice was barely audible, “If you’re getting some pizza, you mind throwing me some pepperoni? I’m starving here.”

“Uh, yeah. Just hang on a second. I have to…” Justin’s voice trailed off as he saw two Goblins heading straight for him. He turned to run, but it was too late. A third was standing right behind him and blocked his escape.

In an instant, all three Goblins held him in place. The largest of the three grinned wide and said, “Too bad. You were Christmas’s last hope, you know.” His finger crept toward Justin’s forehead.

The Goblin’s finger touched his head. Justin flinched, waiting for the feeling of despair he saw on others. And he waited. And then he waited some more.

But it never came. Justin smiled, knowing what had happened. His hair. His wonderful, swooshy hair. It covered his forehead like a magical fingerproof vest.

The Goblin saw Justin’s smile and said, “That’s not right. Hang on a second.” He jabbed Justin’s forehead over and over, each time getting more aggravated.

That’s when Justin knew. His mission to save Christmas wasn’t a chocolate covered cherry, it was the biggest, gooiest caramel in the box. That sounded good. He’d have to write a song about that one day. Something like My Gooey, Caramel, Christmas Girl. Yeah, that sounded awesome.


So where can you find more stuff from Dave (and his co-author/sister Heather Fraser Brainerd) until The Dragon-Kitty anthology is widely available (release date pending due to legal action)?


7 comments so far

  1. Suzanne de Montigny on

    Oh, I can’t wait. I’ll surely be seeing this one in the checkout line beside the Justin Beeber magazines!

    • David Wallace Fraser III on

      It will also be found near the dairy section, right next to the eggs.

      • Stuart West on

        What a wondrous, absolutely magical tale The Dragon-Kitty is! I had the good fortune to read the novel before it was recalled due to a wardrobe malfunction. In Justin Bieber, Fraser has created a brilliant hero for out turbulent times. He’s sassy, too!

  2. Susan Bernhardt on

    I can’t wait either. Sounds delightful!

    • David Wallace Fraser III on

      I don’t know if I’d call it delightful. Maybe “enchanting.” Or “charming.” Or possibly “full of delight.” Yes, let’s go with that last one. Padding the word count never hurts.

  3. Stuart R. West on

    I was one of the lucky few who was able to read Fraser’s The Dragon-Kitty before it was recalled due to E. Coli (it’s complicated). But it’s an absolutely magical book and in Fraser’s creation of the magnificent Justin Bieber, he’s created a wonderful hero for our times. He’s sassy, too! Perfect holiday reading!

  4. Stuart R. West on

    I was one of the lucky few who was able to read The Dragon-Kitty before it was recalled due to a bad dairy accident. It’s charming, magical and has Santa dust sprayed all over it. Justin Bieber is a wonderful creation. Sassy, too!

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