About Me

I am Sara Jayne Townsend, writer of crime and horror, and founder member and Chair Person of the T Party Writers’ Group.

Sarah Townsend (34)More information about my horror novels and my crime series can be found elsewhere on this blog.

For the day job, I work for a medical college, running the gauntlet of the commuter train into London every day.

I am a native Northerner, but spent a good number of my formative years in Canada, when my family emigrated there. I came back to England after I finished school and now live in Greater London.

I live with my guitarist husband and two cats. As well as writing, I like reading, travelling, table top role playing, and computer games (especially ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Dragon Age’).  I am also cultivating long-held fantasies about being a rock chick and learning to play bass guitar – Hubby and I regularly play together on Open Mic nights in our local area.

You can also find me blogging on the WriteClub blog, where I have a regular spot on Wednesdays.

For more information on me and my writing, take a look at my web site.

6 comments so far

  1. trulyana on

    I like your blog, and I am happy that I have stopped by to read your entries and get to discover a little more about you. I wish you well with your writing. We live close to each other. I’m located in South London. If you ever feel like meeting up, it would be a delight. What is your nickname on Absolute Write?

  2. lachatnoir on

    Hello honey your blog has had an image revamp – groovy!

  3. sungyim on

    I like your blog. I actually found it from one of the blogging threads on Absolute Write. Subscribed!

    • sayssara on

      Thank you for subscribing sungyim! Hope you keep liking the blog!

  4. The Reading Child | Diane Dooley on

    […] as a child and I was happy to be able to join the conversation. Please do pop over and check out her blog and my guest […]

  5. […] Imaginary Friends announce the intention to showcase fictional kick-ass heroines of horror this month, kicking off with Buffy, the character that has seemingly served as inspiration for a whole new generation of female writers, including SelmaW., who mourns the misuse of the character Kate Lockley in Buffy spin-off, Angel. […]

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