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Friday Fears: Two-sentence Horror #10

It’s Friday! And time to bring back the ‘Friday Fears’ feature, which involves horror stories of only two sentences.

So here are a couple of new ones from me:


Many people complimented me on my costume, and commented on how realistic the bloody knife looked. By the time they realised I wasn’t wearing a costume, it was too late.


When I woke up and could not see, my initial thought was that I had gone blind. I reached up to feel my face and that’s when I discovered that it wasn’t there – my body ended in a sticky mess where my neck had been.


As always, if you want to play, send me your two-sentence horror story and I’ll feature it next time.

Happy Friday, and don’t have nightmares!

Friday Fears: Two-sentence Horror #9

Tomorrow is Hallowe’en – traditionally the time for spooks and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. So I am offering a couple of new two-sentence horror stories to give you chills.


I went to tuck my son in and found him standing outside his bedroom door, completely translucent. “I just wanted to say goodbye, Daddy,” he said, before fading from view.


My wife never says thank you when I take her breakfast in bed every morning. She really ought to, after I went to all the trouble of digging her out of her grave and all.


Happy Hallowe’en!


Friday Fears: Two-Sentence Horror #8

It’s been a while since I posted any Friday Fears. But we’re moving towards Hallowe’en so it’s time to bring it back.

I seem to have zombies on my mind at the moment, going by what I came up with this week.


I thought it was odd that I saw no one as I walked to the bus stop. Then I spotted the first of the zombies shuffling down the street, their chilling moans breaking the silence.

I woke up this morning to discover the world ended last night, and I am the only human being left alive. There are a lot of things out there, though, that are not alive, and not human.


If you’d like to try your hand at your own two-sentence horror stories, send me your contribution or post it in the comments, and I will feature it next time.

Happy Friday!

Friday Fears: Two Sentence Horror #7

It’s been a while since I posted any new Friday Fears, but it’s time I got back into the habit of posting them. Thinking up new ones is a very good writing exercise.

The last post was at Hallowe’en, and I had a couple of contributions on the back of my post, so I shall start with those.

Here is a Hallowe’en-themed one from Sarah Ellender:

“Love your costume, so scary.” I’m not wearing one.

And a nice creepy one from Stephanie:

The water ran pitch black from the tub faucet. Dipping my fingers into the liquid, I could finally feel her heartbeat.

And finally, one from me:

I looked in the mirror, and screamed. The unfamiliar face staring back at me was distorted, disfigured, and hideous.

I’ll be back in a week or two with more two-sentence horror stories. If you want to play, send me your own two-sentence horror story and I’ll include it next time.

In the meantime, have a good weekend, and don’t have nightmares…

Friday Fears: Two Sentence Horror #6

It’s Hallowe’en, and it’s Friday! Seems a good time to post some more two sentence horror.


Here is a contribution from Jim King:

It’s always so hard to pick a dress for the party. The blue is so pretty but black hides the blood better.


And here is one from me:

This morning I woke up with the sound of the alarm, like I always do, and began my usual routine. It was a perfectly ordinary day until I looked in my shaving mirror and realised I had no reflection.


Anyone else want to write a scary two-sentence stories for Hallowe’en?  Leave yours in the comments, and I’ll put it up on the blog next week!

Happy Hallowe’en!


Friday Fears: Two Sentence Horror #5

It’s Friday, and time for more two sentence horror stories.

Here are two contributed by others

This morning I woke up covered in blood. It wasn’t mine…
By Jez Thorpe

The Storm driven wind was howling round the house like the moans of the restless dead. That was when I heard voices speaking my name.
By Jim King

And here’s one from me:

This morning there was a note stuck on the fridge saying, “I love you. Dx”. My husband used to leave that note for me every morning, until he died five years ago.

Happy Friday. Don’t have nightmares…

Friday Fears: Two Sentence Horror #4

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for more two-sentence horror stories.

I have no guest author stories to feature today, so here are a couple from me.

I went to visit my mother on Sunday, as I always do. Standing next to her grave was a bloated corpse, wearing the tattered remains of the clothes we buried her in.

I had a nightmare about being buried alive. I woke up in darkness, realising I was sealed inside a coffin.

If you want to have a go at these yourself, see my blog page for guidelines and past examples. If you send them to me, I shall feature them in the next Friday Fears feature.

Happy Friday everyone, and don’t have nightmares!

Friday Fears: Two-Sentence Horror #3

I’m back with some more two sentence horror stories to give you a chill on Friday.

First I present a contribution from last time:

Friday Fear #5
By Jim King

The wind was making the branches of the tree tap against my window. But the sound was coming from the mirror on my dresser.

And here’s one from me:

Friday Fear #6
By Sara Jayne Townsend

I climbed to my feet, amazed that I had survived the crash. Turning to see my broken body lying in the road, I realised I hadn’t.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Friday Fears: Two Sentence Horror #2

Well I set up this ‘weekly feature’ some time ago, and it seems to have become a ‘monthly feature’.  Sorry about that.

Let’s try and get back on track.  With the first post, I invited people to join me in writing two-sentence horror stories and I had two people respond with their own stories.  I am showcasing them here.

Friday Fear #2
By Rosie

I was alone in the house. Suddenly a blood curdling scream came from the kitchen.

Friday Fear #3
By Ailitha

The creature’s maw dripped acid, burning the leaves on the forest floor. It came closer.

And finally, I would like to add my own contribution to this episode of Friday Fears

Friday Fear #4
By Sara Jayne Townsend

When I took my dog for a walk through the church yard, he stopped at a grave and began to whine.  When I stooped to fetch him, I saw my own name carved into the gravestone.


If you think you can do better, send me your own two sentence horror story and I’ll feature it next time.

Have a good weekend everyone, and don’t have nightmares…

Friday Fears: Two Sentence Horror – An Introduction

Some writers do ‘Friday Flash’, where they present to the world a story of no more than 100 words at the end of the week.  I’ve always considered myself not very good at Flash Fiction – I figure I need more than a hundred words to tell a story.

But I recently came across this website featuring horror stories of two sentences.

These snippets are not credited, so I don’t know who wrote them, but I found them to be genuinely creepy.  They may be only a few words long, but they stay with you for a long time.  And this has inspired me to set this challenge for myself.  To write scary stories in two sentences.  I think the discipline will be good for me, and it might teach me not to be so afraid of flash fiction.

And so I present a new feature on the blog:  Friday Fears – Horror stories in two sentences.  On Fridays, I will present a scary story in two sentences.  I would like to invite people to join me on this.

So these are the rules.  The idea of the story is to creep people out.  It can be no more than two sentences.  The sentences must be complete – no run-on sentences and blatant disregard of grammar.  You can’t use a comma instead of a full stop and expect to get away with it.  However, extended sentences and complete multi-phrase sentences are perfectly acceptable.

I invite others to try their own hand at two sentence horror stories.  If you want to send me your efforts, I shall offer them on the blog as the next Friday Fear – credited, of course.  Let’s see who can write the scariest two-sentence horror story.

As a taster, here is my first attempt.



I was alone in the house when I looked into the mirror and saw a pale-faced stranger standing behind me.  When I turned around, there was no one there.


Maybe not bad for a first attempt, but I reckon I can do better.  I need to get practising.

Happy Friday!