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Cover Reveal: Suffer The Children

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I am very pleased to be able to reveal the brand new cover for the MuseItUp release of my horror novel SUFFER THE CHILDREN today, on this blog.

Suffer The Children 200X300Those of you who have been with me since the beginning of this journey will be aware that this is the third incarnation of this particular novel. It was my first published novel, released as an e-book by Lyrical Press in 2010. When the contract with Lyrical expired in 2013, the rights reverted back to me I self-published it as a Kindle e-book, with a specially commissioned cover designed by artist David Bezzina.

And now, finally, SUFFER THE CHILDREN has found a home with MuseItUp Publishing. The cover for their version has been designed by Charlotte Volnek, who also designed the covers for the two Shara Summers novels. And I have to say that once more I think she’s done an awesome job.

SUFFER THE CHILDREN will be released in e-book format only by MuseItUp on 9 August. More information about promotions and so on will follow. In the meantime, I’m going to look some more at this beautiful cover.

Commercial Break

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As we settle into 2014 I’ve been rather busy with promotional stuff, so I thought it was appropriate for a general update on what I’ve been up to of late.

Firstly, a round-up of guest appearances on the Internet for 2014. At the end of January, I featured on Chris Weigand’s Palace of Twelve Pillars blog, talking about how I was inspired to create my amateur sleuth Shara Summers. Earlier this month I visited Janie Franz’s blog Anasazi Dreams, talking about ambition and discipline being the tools of a writer. And most recently I’ve visited Helena Fairfax’s blog, where we’ve been reminiscing about childhood holidays in Blackpool.

All of this is an endeavour to drum up interest in the Shara Summers series, as the first two books are being released by MuseItUp this year. The first, DEATH SCENE, is a re-release. The previous version is no longer available, but the re-release will be out in the summer. If you haven’t been introduced to Shara yet, this is the one to start with. And if you’ve already read DEATH SCENE, a new publisher means new round of edits, so this version will be slightly different than the first.

If you enjoy meeting Shara in the first book, the second book in the series, DEAD COOL, will be released in Autumn so you won’t have to wait too long to catch up with her again.

Thus far, I don’t have definitive release dates or covers for either book. But you’ll be the first to know when I do, so watch this space.  In the meantime, if you want a sneak peek, there’s a blurb about each on the ‘Coming Soon’ page on my website.

And finally, if your tastes run to darker fiction, I’ve got some back listed horror titles that might be to your liking. SUFFER THE CHILDREN – available on the Kindle (US and UK) – is a supernatural horror novel with its roots based in mythology. And SOUL SCREAMS – available in print and ebook – is a collection of short horror stories about “that inner scream no one can hear but you”. It’s recently received some rather positive reviews on Goodreads, and if creepy stories are your thing, it might be right up your alley.

All this is why I’ve not had much time for the blog recently.  But of course that’s a poor excuse, and I hope that from now on I can improve on this year’s track record.

If you’ve recently discovered this blog, I bid you welcome and I hope you’ll stick around for a while.  If you’ve been following from the beginning, I’d like to say thank you for bearing with me – your support means a lot.  It’s going to be a busy year for me, writing-wise, and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

SUFFER THE CHILDREN Rebooted: Cover Reveal

THE SARA JAYNE FINAL 2 font(Cross-posted on the WriteClub blog)

SUFFER THE CHILDREN, my first novel with Lyrical Press, will be relaunched as a e-book at the end of June. Lyrical returned the rights to me at the end of my three-year contract, and I have decided to re-release it, as a back list title, myself.

I can now reveal for the first time its awesome new cover, featuring original artwork from David Bezzina.

I always had a special fondness for SUFFER THE CHILDREN, for many reasons, and not just because it was my first published novel. It took me ten years to write, and I learned so much in the process – not just in the writing, but in the editing and publishing process that followed. I still think it holds its own as a horror novel, and I am very excited that I am able to make it available once more, with a new cover.

So if you haven’t read SUFFER THE CHILDREN yet, never fear – it will soon be available to download to your e-reader once more. Watch this space for further information…

Buy My Books

Today is, apparently, Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. Not being American, this means nothing to me. However, as Black Friday appears to be the day all the sales start, I think it’s akin to Boxing Day for we Brits – and both days come the day after a major family feast day.

Anyway, what’s important is the fact that Lyrical Press are having a Black Friday sale – 50% off all their titles. I don’t often resort to hard-core sales techniques, but today I am unashamedly telling you to go and buy my books.

If you have already, then I thank you – it is greatly appreciated. Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s recently acquired an e-reader? If so, perhaps you can send the links their way and persuade them to invest in some new titles for their new device.

If you haven’t bought my books yet, however, then today is a good day to do it, because today they will cost you a mere $2.75 each. That’s about £1.50, in Brit money. That’s less than you pay for a cup of coffee in London, and the book will give you pleasure for longer than the coffee will.

Both e-books are available in all formats, compatible with any e-reader. And if you haven’t got an e-reader, you can download the PDF version, to read on your computer.

If for some reason you haven’t got a PDF reader (though it is free), then download the Kindle reader, available for PC, Mac, iPad, and Smartphone free of charge – click here for link.

Buy SUFFER THE CHILDREN here, and DEATH SCENE here. Available at this marvellous price for the rest of today.

Go do it now and help my sales. I’m still a very long way down the bottom of that ladder to fame and fortune. Maybe you can help me reach the next rung.

Dark Scribe Magazine Reviews “Suffer the Children”

Here is the link to the latest review of STC, from online horror mag Dark Scribe.

I’m firstly very impressed the review comes from Rick R. Reed, himself a many-times-published and well known horror writer. I’m also impressed that he’s recommending it.

As far as reviews go, it’s not completely glowing, as he does point out some places where he feels there is room for improvement. He feels that the story is somewhat sluggish in getting started. Well, maybe he’s got a point. Others have made the same comment.

However, he does also say the book would have benefitted from a good editor, and I would contest, on that point, that I have one!

In any case, I’m not actually complaining because balanced reviews are the best kind. I am always suspicious of any book on Amazon that lists nothing but dozens of five-star reviews without any word of criticism from anyone – makes me think the author’s bribed his or her mates to post loads of reviews.

So this review’s going up on the website with all the others, and I am very grateful that Mr Reed took the time to read it and offer an opinion.

Guest Post at Natasha Bennett’s Blog

I am blogging today on author Natasha Bennett’s blog, as part of her “Author Blog Month”, talking about crossing genres. Take a look here.

Sales Figures

I get the impression that in the publishing world, discussing the amounts of royalties a writer receives is Not Done – it’s a big a breach of etiquette as discussing someone’s salary.

In some ways, though, it’s hard to get an accurate view of what “normal” sales are for a new and lowly author. In a world where the unenlightened hear the worlds “published author”, think of JK Rowlings and assume you’re making a killing from your writing, the reality of modest sales can be very depressing.

So, in this spirit, I have decided to declare my sales figures here. In 2010, I sold a total of 73 copies of SUFFER THE CHILDREN. Twenty-four of those were bought in April – the month the e-book was released – by people that know me. A further 26 were copies of the e-book on CD – mostly bought by people who know me, but a few were bought by people who did not, at the London Film & Comic Con in July.

So, that means a maximum of 23 copies were bought by people who might have come across one of my guest posts, or found my blog, and decided they liked the sound of my e-book.

Lyrical Press have recently released sales figures for their top-selling e-books of 2010 – no titles, just genres. The e-books that are selling into the four digits are all erotica. The top-selling e-book, selling more than 9000 copies in 2010, is a BDSM erotica e-book.

If this is your genre, then kudos to you – you’re on to a winner. My paltry 73 sales look rather pathetic in comparison.

Notoriety as an author does not happen overnight – the e-book’s been out for less than a year. And nobody has the power to wave a magic wand and turn me into a best-selling author immediately. It’s sometimes very discouraging to keep on hammering at the promotion when tangible results are not evident. But the only solution seems to be to keep at it. Without it, some of those extra 23 sales last year might not have happened. Maybe this is the way it has to be. I am at the bottom of a very long ladder. One tiny step at a time is the way to go.

So saying, I have two more guest blog posts lined up this month. I better go and get on with them.


SUFFER THE CHILDREN is available on the Kindle on Amazon’s site in both the UK and the US. As such, it has a ‘Kindle listing’ rating its popularity.

It’s currently listed number 15,244 on the UK site. This seemed like a rather depressing number to me, and I was grumbling about it to a work colleague recently. “At least it’s got a rating,” she said. “You’ve had a book published and it’s listed on Amazon – not everyone can say that.”

She’s right, of course. I have a tendency to be a ‘glass half-empty’ sort of person sometimes. So thank you, Anna, for pointing out my skewed perspective. My book is published. It has an Amazon listing. This is no reason to complain – this should be a “yay!” sort of moment.

And it reminds me that I’m a published author. That awesome fact has not yet worn thin, and it deserves more than a “yay”. Perspective restored. Off I go for a little happy dance….

In The Spotlight

Today I’ve got the Author Spotlight on Tim Marquitz’s site, talking about SUFFER THE CHILDREN and the forthcoming crime novel DEATH SCENE. Click here to view the full interview.

Another Review for SUFFER THE CHILDREN

I am thrilled to be able to announce that SUFFER THE CHILDREN has been reviewed on the “Bitten By Books” paranormal review site. Not only it is a favourable review, it’s earned a “4-tombstone” rating.

Exciting news!

This review is hot off the press – so hot, in fact, I wouldn’t have known it was there had sharp-eyed Sonya Clark not noticed it and sent me the link – so a big thank you to Sonya!

See the full review here.

Slowly, but surely, STC is starting to make a splash. It’s all good.