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End of an Era

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Most books aren’t published forever. Print publishers make room for new titles by having limited print runs, and backlisted titles that don’t sell are often not reprinted. Since e-books are technically forever, e-book publishers often deal with this by offering time-limited contracts.

Sadly, this means that my three-year contract with Lyrical Press for SUFFER THE CHILDREN has now come to an end. The e-book in its current format has disappeared from all online retailers. This has been a hard thing to deal with. It’s particularly depressing to discover that it’s gone from the Amazon Kindle list, along with the handful of generally positive reviews it had notched up. Somehow seeing it on Amazon made me feel validated as an author.

However, the good news is that with the end of the contract, the rights have reverted back to me, to do with them as I see fit. And SUFFER THE CHILDREN will return as an e-book, although with a different cover. In fact, I’ve commissioned an artist I know to work on the new cover image. Watch this space for more information.

In the meantime, SUFFER THE CHILDREN is still on Goodreads – at least it is at present. With the recent news about Amazon taking over Goodreads, who knows what’s going to happen. For now, at least, it’s there, along with a few reviews that people have posted there. So if you enjoyed SUFFER THE CHILDREN, why not go post a review there? It might help me boost sales when the rebooted version is released.

If you didn’t get around to buying it, all is not lost, as it will be back in the near future. In the meantime, you could try DEATH SCENE or SOUL SCREAMS while you wait. Both of them are still available from Amazon…


‘Siblings’ Anthology Now Available

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I am pleased to announce that the ‘Siblings’ anthology, part of Hersham Horror Books’ Pentanth series, is now available.

This book features five stories on the subject of siblings with dark secrets.  The other four authors, in addition to myself, are Richard Farren Barber, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Sam Stone and Stuart Hughes.

The book will be officially launched at this year’s FantasyCon.  We have a signing table there at 12 noon on Saturday 29 September.

‘Siblings’ is now available to buy from Amazon, in Kindle and paperback format.

Take a look at Hersham Horror Press’s website for more info about present and future publications.


SUFFER THE CHILDREN is available on the Kindle on Amazon’s site in both the UK and the US. As such, it has a ‘Kindle listing’ rating its popularity.

It’s currently listed number 15,244 on the UK site. This seemed like a rather depressing number to me, and I was grumbling about it to a work colleague recently. “At least it’s got a rating,” she said. “You’ve had a book published and it’s listed on Amazon – not everyone can say that.”

She’s right, of course. I have a tendency to be a ‘glass half-empty’ sort of person sometimes. So thank you, Anna, for pointing out my skewed perspective. My book is published. It has an Amazon listing. This is no reason to complain – this should be a “yay!” sort of moment.

And it reminds me that I’m a published author. That awesome fact has not yet worn thin, and it deserves more than a “yay”. Perspective restored. Off I go for a little happy dance….

E-books and Obstacles

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Since acquiring my e-reader, I have been buying e-books. And I have encountered two intensely annoying problems that are preventing me from buying all the e-books I would like.

First of all, each e-reader uses different software, and not all e-books are available in all formats. If an e-book I want to buy is only available on the Kindle, I won’t be able to read it on my Sony e-reader. This I find rather irritating. It’s like buying a film on DVD and discovering that this DVD won’t run on your Toshiba DVD player – you have to have a Sony.

The other problem is the whole DRM issue (otherwise known as digital rights management). I’ve heard several arguments for DRM now, but I am yet to be convinced it’s a good idea. In practice, what it means is that if I am at my computer in the UK, and I find an e-book I want to buy that’s only available on a US e-book site, I can’t buy it.

This seems, to me, to be completely daft. As I have family in Canada, hubby and I frequently visit there. We love browsing in Toronto’s wonderful book stores, and we will invariably find books that we want to buy when we browse – generally things that aren’t in print or available yet in the UK, or sometimes just because this is the sequel to the book one of us finished reading on the plane on the way over. So we’ll buy the books, we’ll put them in our suitcase and we’ll bring them back to the UK. We’re not doing anything illegal. We are legitimately buying the books; we are contributing to the Canadian economy; and we are putting money in the pockets of the writers. And we will enjoy the books. Even if I buy a print book from the US Amazon site it’s not a problem – Amazon will happily ship the book to me in the UK – I just pay a bit more for postage.

Yet, if I try to buy an e-book from the US, I can’t. I have discovered there are a number of e-books I can’t buy, either because they are only available on US e-book sites or they are only available on Kindle. And it’s really starting to bug me. Here I am ready to embrace this new electronic technology, and I find obstacles in my way. Have publishers not yet figured out that if the books people want to read are freely available to all as e-books, there’s less of chance they will be pirated?

I will take a moment to praise my publisher, Lyrical Press, here because neither of these problems exist with their e-books. There are no digital rights restrictions on e-books purchased direct from Lyrical’s site, so you can buy them from anywhere in the world (and I’ve had people in Canada, US and the UK buying my e-book), and each e-book is available in six different formats, so you can load it onto whichever e-reader you wish.

Yay for Lyrical. Now we just have to get the rest of the publishing world to follow in their trailblazing footsteps.

I’m an Amazon Author!

The Kindle version of SUFFER THE CHILDREN is available from both Amazon UK and Amazon US. Which site you can buy it from depends on where you live. Lyrical Press might not believe in digital rights restrictions, but it seems Amazon do.

However, the exciting part is, because my book is listed there, I have been able to create an author page for myself on both the Amazon US site and the Amazon UK site.

Both author pages look remarkably similar. However, they are a bit sad and lonely at present. At least the US page has a couple of reviews for STC listed (a big thank you to Book Wenches and to Sonya), but there are no reviews at all on the UK page.

So, this is a blatant plea. If you’ve read the book, and feel able to post comments, please put a few words about it on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be a glowing review. Really, it doesn’t. I always get very suspicious of books on Amazon that have nothing but 5 star reviews; it makes me think the author and his/her mother have gone on their multiple times, posting positive reviews under different names.

Pretty please. Help me reach the next rung on that long ladder between ‘published obscurity’ and ‘the next big thing’.

With thanks (from Sara the publicity tart…)