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Monthly Round-Up: June 2015

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Summer has reached the UK! Hooray! Long days and the occasional glimpse of sunshine, and I’ve even felt brave enough to put away the tights when wearing work skirts. Still plenty of rain, of course – this is England. But the alternative rainy days and sunny days seem to make the strawberry plants in our garden thrive. We’ve got more strawberries than we know what to do with right now.

Anyway, I digress. On with the news.


I am pleased to announce the imminent launch of the FORMER HEROES anthology, by Far Horizons Press. All of the stories in this anthology are by writers who are also live action roleplayers. It’s an eclectic mix, all dealing with characters who were once heroes. There’s some fantasy, some sci fi, some horror. My story, ‘The Unending Scream’, is most decidedly a horror story. Would it be anything else?

There’ll be an online launch on Facebook for FORMER HEROES, so you can join the party without leaving the comfort of your own home.

And, speaking of LARPERS (a bit of a reach, I know), we are still aiming for an Autumn release for THE WHISPERING DEATH. I hope to have more news about this soon.


Today I’m visiting Eric Price’s blog to talk about a subject common to all writers, both seasoned pros and newbies alike: Writer Insecurity.


SPOTLIGHT ON DEATH, the third Shara Summers book, progresses well. Most of my work on it is being done in Starbucks on Aldwych in London, early in the morning before going to work. Of late, though, I’ve had to sit in different spots, since my usual seat has been taken. I really hate that.

Well that’s all to report this month. See you next month!

‘Siblings’ Anthology Now Available

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I am pleased to announce that the ‘Siblings’ anthology, part of Hersham Horror Books’ Pentanth series, is now available.

This book features five stories on the subject of siblings with dark secrets.  The other four authors, in addition to myself, are Richard Farren Barber, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Sam Stone and Stuart Hughes.

The book will be officially launched at this year’s FantasyCon.  We have a signing table there at 12 noon on Saturday 29 September.

‘Siblings’ is now available to buy from Amazon, in Kindle and paperback format.

Take a look at Hersham Horror Press’s website for more info about present and future publications.

Writing Update – February 2012

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I thought it was about time for a roundup of current news in my writing world.

Firstly, the big news is that I have been asked to contribute to an anthology on the subject of siblings – one of whom must have a dark secret – that is to be part of Hersham Press’s pentanth series, to be published in September 2012.

The other four writers involved are Richard Farren Barber, Stuart Hughes, Sam Stone and Simon Kurt Unsworth.

This is tremendously exciting for me, as it’s the first time I’ve been approached to write something that’s not been vetted or auditioned first. The fact that there’s an assumption I can write something good enough to compete with these other marvellous writers is singularly thrilling and terrifying.

However, one obstacle at least has been overcome. I’ve got an idea for my story, and I’m already 3,000 words in to the first draft. So I have plenty of time to polish it up to publishable standard. She says confidently…

And what of other writing projects? Work on my short story collection SOUL SCREAMS continues apace, though its release date has been put back a little. We are now expecting the e-book and the print version to be released in June. I will reiterate this will available in print as well as electronic format. So all of you who keep saying you don’t like e-books and prefer ‘proper’ books have no excuses with this one. A paper version will be available.

On top of all this, I still have my two WIP novels on the go – the second Shara book, and the new horror novel.

So already 2012 is proving to be a very busy year, and it’s only just started!