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(Cross-posted on the WriteClub blog)

Generally I don’t post when I’m stressed. When I’m stressed I get grumpy, and I don’t want my blog posts to turn into long whinges. However, I am doing so today for reasons I hope will become clear later.

I’ve had a couple of holidays this summer, which were not stressful in themselves, but coming back to work after time away always makes me regret going away in the first place – the work piles up when I’m gone, and suddenly there isn’t enough time to do everything.

I seem to have been struck by a series of ailments over the last few weeks – nothing serious or long lasting, but it has meant I’ve spent altogether too much time sitting in hospital waiting rooms.

We are in the process of buying and selling property, which is a long, drawn out and stressful process. I’m not going to say too much about this at this stage, because English property law being what it is, nothing is set before exchange, anything can go wrong – and frequently does – before that stage, and so it’s best not to assume it’s actually going to happen until the keys are in your hand. However, the process involves dealing with estate agents and solicitors, which is stressful enough without all the other stuff going on.

Most crucially, though, I am still wrestling with the WIP. I am mired in the “my writing is rubbish” stage, believing the whole thing needs dismantling and putting back together, and I am not sure where to start.

However, I am starting to think that life stress is connected to writing stress and vice versa. When the writing is going well I am in a much better frame of mind and can pretty much handle whatever life throws at me. When it’s not going well, suddenly all kinds of other hassle creeps in – notably, things that wouldn’t be bothering me quite so much if the writing was going well. I started today with an early morning writing session that didn’t go at all well – I spent much of that hour staring at the page thinking what I had written was complete rubbish. Hence, I didn’t have a good day at work, either. When I start the day with a good writing session, the day job is much easier to handle.

So the only stress in my life I should actually be focusing on is my troublesome WIP. If I can kick that into submission, everything else should be a breeze. Even the house move…

Zen and the Art of Positive Thinking

I’ve been practising yoga now for about a year. Initially it was to help me learn how to chill out – I tend to get very stressed and uptight about things (and there’s a touch of OCD there, too, if I’m honest).

I enjoy the classes, but I spend most of my time there yawning. My yoga teacher says that’s a good thing because yawning is the release of blocked negative energy.

I admit to being a bit skeptical regarding all this talk about energy and chakras (there I was thinking I was just yawning because I’m tired!). Last week the teacher talked about the chakra points, and the specific symptoms that occur when each of them is ‘blocked’. Seems I have a problem with most of mine, if that’s the case. But on the whole I enjoy the class, and it has been a positive influence in helping me deal with the stresses of everyday life.

My yoga teacher seems to have reached a particularly high level of inner peace, but she has been practising a long time. She always sees the good in everything, and never seems to have any negative thoughts about anyone. I think I’ve got a long way to go before I reach that level of Zen.